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We typically use Menards for our lumber, and this page shows some of their standard decks. We will also gladly assemble deck kits from Lowes, Home Depot or other retailers. With the Menards Design Center in their stores, you can plan out a custom deck, which we can build. Below are some of Menards decks. Click on the model number to go to the Menards page for that deck. All links go to the model using treated lumber. At the bottom of that page it will list other, more expensive options, such as cedar or Menards composite decking.

This is just a sample of what Menards has to offer. They have many more designs, including designs to go with pools & hot tubs.

If you have any questions, please call Pete at 317-437-0043 or email him at

Samples of Menards Decks

Indianapolis Construction - Deck


12' x 18' with a 12' octagon. Features a bump out on the left for a grill.
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


8' x 16' upper deck and 16' x 16' lower deck with storage space under the upper deck.
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


12' x 16' with a 10' octagon.
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


16' x 18' with apron.
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


16' x 20' with angled stairs.
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


12' x 16'
Indianapolis Construction - Deck


16' x 20' upper deck with 16' x 16' lower deck.

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